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Hey everyone, 

The time has come to tie up the loose ends of my “Salute to Elvis and Country Legends”.  It’s been a wonderful time in my life.  I enjoyed every moment of being able to bring the music of those great entertainers, who were such a part of my life, to others.  The fans were the greatest.  They were loyal and supportive and many relationships developed into lifelong friendships.  I’m so very blessed.  I don’t know what the future has in store.  I have decided to close the website on September 14. If anything develops in the meantime, I will be sure to let you know most likely through Facebook.  
                    (3) Joseph Miles   or   (3) Eddie Miles Fan Club: Anita Brantley Lurretta Norma Carolyn West Buddy West 

Thanks to everyone for always being there.

I am told I will be receiving the  Elvis Tribute Industry Award in Memphis at the kick off of Elvis Tribute Week, August 10th....I will be attending and want everyone to know in case you might want to be there...I am going mostly to see as many of the fans and friends  as possible that  I have made over the years....Of course, the pat on the back award will be welcomed.

The Awards show is set for August 10th at 7:00PM.  The hotel is the Crowne Plaza Memphis East on Thousand Oaks Drive.

 For people interested in attending the awards show they can go to:


 for information on all our events including the awards show or directly to the awards show ticket site at



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