Hey Everyone,

I’ve read in the guestbook that lots of you concerned and asking what is going on with me. I apologize for not adding more information to keep you better informed.  Really I have no good news to add. I am still struggling and trying to deal with the pain in my feet.   

As most of you know, I had back surgery in April to fix a pinched nerve. Three surgeons, after reading my MRI, advised that this surgery would fix the pain in my feet. Since the surgery, I have had no relief.   My surgeon then suggested I go to one of his colleagues. This doctor, also a surgeon, wants to cut out the nerves in both feet. He said that would relieve the pain but, would leave my toes numb. 

I found another foot doctor who advised against surgery. He said surgery would not fix my problem. He made me custom orthotics to go in my shoes. He said it may take up to 6 months to correct my foot problem.  I’ve been wearing the orthotics for 3 months. They are very uncomfortable and are giving me little relief. 

About a month ago, I went to a holistic doctor who tells me the pain in my feet is coming from my liver and gallbladder.  He wants to see me once a month for 4 months of treatment. He claims he will heal me.   At this point, I am willing to try anything.  Just went for my second treatment…… 

I had an ultra sound of my liver, kidneys, and gall bladder at the hospital. No results from that yet.

I’m also trying a controversial treatment called negative ion foot detox bath.

I’m getting ready to do an at home kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, and then a liver-gallbladder cleanse.

Anyone know a backwoods voodoo doctor who can shake some bones over my feet, I'll try that!!!!

This foot pain has plagued me for almost 3 years and I am not giving up yet. 

I want so much to get back to entertaining again on a regular basis.  Right now, I don't know when that will be.

Thanks for the concern and prayers............................Eddie




  The Late J.D. Sumner of The Stamps  Quartet: "Eddie is simply the BEST, nobody does it better."

The Late Charlie Hodge life long friend and band member of Elvis: " I have traveled far and wide, Eddie is the closest to sound and looks of Elvis as you will find."

Ed Enoch of The Stamps Quartet    Elvis called him the greatest voice in gospel music: "The closest to the man and his music, I agree with JD Sumner, Eddie is the best."

 Scotty Moore Legendary Guitar Player for Elvis: "Eddie Miles, a fine entertainer, respectfully re-creating the image.But most of all, keeping the music alive."

        D.J. Fontana
 Elvis' drummer: "Eddie is one of the finest entertainers I have worked with. He looks great, sings great and does a fantastic tribute to Elvis."
Gordon Stoker of The Jordanaires: "We've seen a lot of Elvis Tribute shows,  Eddie's is certainly one of the classiest ever."

 Terry Blackwood of The Imperials Quartet:"Eddie is the closest I've seen to the real Elvis, he has Elvis captured."

 Ronnie McDowell
 “Eddie’s got the look, he's got the sound, he's really got Elvis down."

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